Learn French in a fun and energetic way!


When it’s fun

it’s easy to learn!


Here is what you get:

1) Small group with close support

Each class has a maximum of 12 children. Limited numbers ensure personalised attention, support and help.


2) NON TRADITIONAL and really EFFECTIVE method

Yes, this is important. This program is based on a non traditional method suitable for all kinds of memories and will activate the visual, hearing and kinesthetic memory. Your children will learn grammar structures unconsciously and practical phrases thanks to incredible material that will be stuck in the head! (Sorry, even in yours!) 

Not only will I take your kids through each lesson step by step, but they’ll also watch and listen to different native speakers, giving them multiple opportunities to learn and get familiar with real-spoken French.


3) More than 60 lessons over 3 months

This course is broken down into 5 weekly lessons for 3 months and each lesson lasts a few minutes. This means your children can study anywhere and anytime!


4) Learning at their own pace with amazing material at home

Pressure doesn’t help anyone at all in the journey to mastering anything. That’s why, I’ll offer you the access to my online material including songs, mini-lessons, karaoke versions (…) not only for 3 months but for a whole year! So, even after the course, you can enjoy this incredible material!


5) Zoom sessions to practice and bonus

What’s the aim of learning a language if you can’t talk? By joining this course, your children will be able to flex their skills and practice with other learners. Throughout the course, there will be 12 live interactive workshops via zoom. We’ll get to know each other, play games, share our interests and have some bonus cooking lessons! 

Genki French: Everything your kids need to get started!

Let me guess, you’ve wanted your kids to speak French for a while now.  And maybe you’ve scrolled through the internet looking for resources, apps, websites and Youtube videos just to help them learning French. I know, classes are expensive, good tutors are hard to find, and the whole thing seems like a giant web of « where-do-I-start » madness.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said « Perfection is achieved, not when there’s nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away ». That’s why I made this course as simple as possible, saving you time and effort, to allow your kids to speak from day 1! An active and supported learning in the comfort of your own home!

Is it really for me?

If this is you...

Fantastic, you really want them to SPEAK French!
I'm sure your children will love their learning journey!

If this you...

I'm sorry, this course is not what you need.
Please do not hit that "Let's go" button!
We wish you all the best in your learning journey!

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Your children, 3 months from now will be...

  • Feeling confident and ready to talk to anyone!
  • How?! Because they will be speaking from day one! Gaining the ability to introduce themselves, ask for directions, express their opinion, describe things, count & understand BOTH polite & casual language.
  • Hold a conversation with CONFIDENCE and gain real life practice with a real community.

Hello, I’m Virginie!

I’m French and a mum of 3 wonderful children  🙂 

I’ve been teaching for over 12 years and I’ve helped over 1000 people to learn a foreign language. When I was younger, I was very good at English, and especially… in grammar. At that time, I was taught that to be able to speak another language you had to master its grammar rules. However… when I travelled to England for the first time, I realised I wasn’t able to speak at all! What a shock to the system! Despite all my good marks at school, I couldn’t say nor understand anything! I struggled for a long time until I discovered a real motivation to learn to speak 😉

Later, after I had already become a language teacher, I discovered a wonderful method called “Genki English” that helps people to learn with confidence, in a fun and energetic way. That was a huge eye-opener for me! Exactly the way I imagined how teaching should be. And, as I heard so many times «I wish I could speak French but I can’t learn it, because its grammar is too difficult! » or « I won’t be understood because I never know if it’s « un table » or « une table »… I need to master all these rules first in order to communicate! » or « I’m too old and I’m not good enough … » Everybody, just STOOOOOP!!!  

I needed to create something that would make learning French easy! But where to start? How would I find a way to help people to really remember useful phrases? How could I teach French without spending hours on boring grammar exercises? How can I help people to get the confidence to speak? The answer was there, right in front of me!

Let me ask you… are you still able to remember songs that you learned when you were a child ? Yes, this is the key : SONGS! I’m not talking about lullabies that are made to get you to sleep, I’m talking about songs that will make you feel great and boost your self-confidence!

After many years of using Genki English, the call of adaptation became louder and louder… Yes, I say adaptation because translation wouldn’t be the same goal… Do you think all French people eat « jelly » ? (most of them don’t even know what it is!)

That’s why I created this online course that will save you from spending time and money on apps and programs that don’t have you talking or on expensive schools with restrictive timetables. Learning French needs to be practical, flexible and most of all, enjoyable!

Are you ready to learn in a fun, fast and energetic way? Let’s book in for a free demo class!

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